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7 Reasons employers should support CPD


You may want to do Continuing Professional Development (CPD) or encourage it amongst your team, but are frustrated because your organisation won’t allow time or give financial support.

Perhaps your employer thinks CPD enables professionals to further their own careers but doesn’t benefit the organisation. When organisations cut training budgets, CPD is usually a victim.

To get support for CPD, you need some convincing arguments. Here are seven:

1. The employer can save training costs by allowing time off for CPD
Some training is provided free by professional bodies, while often professionals pay for CPD themselves. Time off for relevant training may save the organisation having to provide the training itself (e.g. in compliance). Organisations can actually make money by getting professional bodies to accredit their in-house training and offering this training to the wider world.

2. Supporting CPD can increase motivation and retention
The CPD Research Project’s survey of over 1000 people found a strong correlation between valuing and undertaking CPD, and commitment to the job. Committed staff are likely to work harder and stay longer. (Amanda Rosewarne, CPD Research Project,

3. Supporting CPD can improve job performance
In a knowledge society, employees must constantly update their skills and increase their knowledge. Two in three of the CPD Research Project’s respondents believed that CPD equips them to perform their roles better.

4. CPD can be integrated into performance management and other HR processes
It can become a focal point for management discussions. Through appraisals, individuals can tie their development to skills that will further the organisation’s objectives.

5. CPD can encourage staff to take control of their own training & development
Management is easier when individuals choose to learn rather than being pushed to do so.

6. Regular CPD activities = employees go the extra mile
Supporting CPD can increase professionals’ willingness to go the second mile for their organisation and their colleagues – ‘the organisation is putting itself out for me, I’ll put myself out in return.’ Strikingly, the CPD Research Project found a strong connection between valuing and undertaking CPD, and doing the little extras at work.

7. Strong employer support for CPD will aid recruitment
The organisation will be seen as great for career progression.


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  1. Dr Michael Moynagh

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