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Careers of Tomorrow

Working into later life… Real-time learning… Moving between employment and freelancing… Partial automation of all jobs… New occupations appearing, and others fading… Men and women juggling with side-hustles and home life. In this context, what kinds of career will people experience, and aspire to? How will organisations plan, manage, deploy and engage their workforce?

Filled with useful evidence and practical case studies, this report is based on interviews with nineteen major employers and a review of literature on the future of work. It examines how employers are responding to three key trends: automation & AI, gig economy practices, and diverse talent. As a result, the report identifies six steps employers can take to achieve an integrated strategic response. It concludes: ‘A strategic approach to the careers of tomorrow is possible, based on a more people-centred view of organisations: smart, technology enabled yet essentially human’.

For help communicating or applying the ideas in this report, and to inspire people to build careers for the future, contact our team.

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