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Six steps for inclusive career resources


At the Career Innovation Company, we recently shared our beliefs about careers, one of which is conscious inclusion – we believe career potential is for everybody, everywhere. In many organisations, too much talent remains underdeveloped and unrecognised. Only an intentional, joined-up approach to careers can positively impact culture and open opportunities for everyone, in every part of the organisation.

Here are six factors an organisation can consider to ensure the career support they offer to employees is built on a foundation of inclusion:

  1. Balance internal resources with external support. This helps organisations get the right mix at the right time to reflect their culture, implementing a joined-up approach at scale for everyone, rather than just a small group of top talent.
  2. Provide content for different schedules and levels of need. By directly addressing specific needs when users require support, individuals’ career support experiences have greater relevance and impact. Providing multiple pathways caters effectively to everyone.
  3. Accessibility is not an optional extra. Career development content thrives when optimised for mobile, on-the-go learning. A mix of approaches, including video, audio, and transcripts, enables dynamic engagement.
  4. Frame career content as a coaching experience. A career coach introducing topics and encouraging adoption of new behaviours can nudge, encourage, and motivate people to put what they learn into action.
  5. Include stories and case studies. Showing how others have put particular techniques into practice can help employees connect with the benefits they may achieve by adopting new career skills approaches.
  6. Ground content in evidence of effective impact. Drawing from contemporary theories and refining through feedback helps create experiences that resonate and inspire, creating pathways for every individual to explore and define what career advancement means to them.

Thoughtful design of digital career development solutions can consciously include the broadest audience, ensuring individuals can build a sense of what career means to them personally and the practical steps they can take to develop.

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