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The Agile Response

Lead your people through disruptive change.

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Disruptive change, currently intensified by the COVID crisis, has been advancing at pace. Continuous upheaval triggered by automation, AI, the gig economy, overdue recognition of diverse talent, and global events means that concepts of work have shifted. Where, how and by whom work gets done has changed. The forecast is that work itself will continually be reimagined, requiring an agile response from organisations and individuals.

Realise opportunities

Organisations are facing challenge, and in some cases completely remodelling their operations within remarkable time-frames. Even externally-imposed change can release possibilities to re-charge, refresh and renew.

Engaged and committed employees are instrumental in organisations navigating disruptive change and will determine who thrives after a crisis. In volatile times, employees understandably feel uncertain and anxious about their future. Actively supporting and equipping people to find renewed purpose and capability will move your organisation forward.

How can we support you?

The Agile Response is an evidence-based content package for HR leaders, managers and employees to:

  • Build capability to anticipate and respond to major transitions including COVID fallout
  • Boost engagement in uncertain times and create resilient, change-ready teams
  • Address employee concerns and expectations proactively
  • Ignite employee adaptability and upskilling through manager conversations

Seize opportunities, but in a way that has justice, purpose and humanity at its heart.

Careers of Tomorrow Today

Defining The Agile Response

  • Sustain resilience to fuel and nurture employee and organisational success
  • Build on learning gained through change, harness potential and shift towards ongoing upskilling
  • Communicate future purpose and transformations needed to retain and grow talent



The Agile Response is a package of three brand new flexible resources, available in customisable formats, live virtual workshops, and bite-sized curated content. The content can be presented by our career experts, or adapted as a compelling facilitator package for in-house delivery.

The resources are available as a complete package for HR leaders, managers and employees, or flexibly to meet your business needs.


HR Leaders

Humanising the workplace during COVID

Prepare your senior HR professionals for their vital leadership challenge by equipping them with the insight, evidence and confidence to advocate for a people-focused agenda to enable their organisations to stand out and flourish.

3 hour virtual workshop plus associated learning materials enabling HR professionals to understand and act on learning from responses to the COVID crisis.


Conversations that put people first

Enable your managers to have vital career conversations; strategies for supporting employee resilience, capitalising on emerging strengths and growing professionally in uncertain times.

60 minute Conversation Toolkit with recorded content and conversations guide to build relationships and trust, help people step up and release energy for positive change.

Also available as a virtual workshop.


Adapt and grow for careers of tomorrow

Support your employees to continue to build resilience, reflect on learning in a crisis and connect with your organisation’s purpose. Future-focused career solutions inspire employees to take action, initiate conversations with others and unlock their potential.

45 minute virtual workshop inspiring employees to own, develop and steer their careers during disruptive change.

Also available as curated content for your LMS.

If you want to build your people’s capacity and adaptability for the future, we should have a conversation.

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The thinking behind The Agile Response

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