Career Map Explorer™ tool

Career Pathing is an approach and methodology, enabling employees to explore your organisational career framework in a new way. Career pathing software and tools help employees plan the next steps in their career journey. Employees learn about the wide range of career options and career paths available and assess themselves against the requirements of a function, ultimately improving resourcing, inspiring performance and growing capability.

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It is rare nowadays to be able to map out a life-long career path within an organisation. Yet planning the next steps in a career journey is important for individuals. It enables organisations to plan too, based on honest conversations about people’s future career. Career pathing software and tools help organisations and individuals to achieve this.

We help organisations create a career framework (career path mapping), connect this to job roles and competency frameworks and – most importantly – communicate them across the organisation.

We do this through:

  • Facilitation of workshops/focus groups to identify and develop career path definitions
  • Design and development of career/role frameworks
  • Training and support for internal resources
  • Design of communications (especially our career pathing software and tools: the Career Map Explorer)

The Career Map Explorer tool presents highly complex information in a dynamic, visual way that is easy to navigate by level, function or skill.

Career Pathing, Career Map Explorer

Through our career pathing software users explore work areas and the tool ‘coaches’ them to identify gaps in their skills or knowledge, and make a plan to achieve their preferred role.

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What are the benefits:

Effective communication of organisational career opportunities can:

  • Improve Resourcing by highlighting what types of work the organisation can offer
  • Grow Capability by clarifying the skills and expertise that are needed for the future
  • Inspire Performance by making visible pathways and roles to which individuals can aspire
  • Support Change by providing a structure through which new roles and opportunities can be developed and communicated