CPD Tools

We work with professional institutes as well as employers, to support, encourage and motivate Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Our CPD tools enable people to make a career and professional development plan, record their CPD, and submit those records to others.

Developed in partnership with institutes and their members, our tools aim to make record-keeping less of a chore with easy capturing of learning (using a mobile interface on-the-go), and automated reminders to keep doing CPD. This approach has been developed over several years through research, and enables people to plan experience-based learning and social learning, not just courses, an approach sometimes called 70-20-10.

CPD should be relevant, undertaken in bite size chunks and CPD should suit your learning style. Many people get bored because they repeat the same CPD tasks, or they struggle to complete their hours because their repertoire of activities is too narrow. Here are 57 ways to do CPD. Scan the list for ideas to adapt CPD to your life and freshen your approach.

Our CPD tools enable flexible CPD planning and CPD recording. Our tools provide a CPD system that employers and institutes can both use for Continuous Professional Development. With our CPD tools users can create their own career and professional development plan.

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What are the benefits

The Ci Zone provides flexible tools people can use to create their own career and professional development plan:

  • Users can reflect with evidence of learning, impact made and suggested next steps
  • As they take action, users can record these on-the-go using a mobile interface
  • Career plans and CPD (CPE or PDP) plans can be tracked, with automated reminders
  • Reports can be exported from the CPD system, with templates for different purposes or institutes
  • Guidance helps users make realistic career/development plans they can achieve
  • Emphasises experiential and social learning, as well as formal courses (“70:20:10”)