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Check your career health

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In today’s world your career may involve many different roles across a number of organisations. Even if you are the kind of person who prefers to stay put, at some point you are likely to face sudden unexpected change. Therefore it’s essential to be prepared. It will make a big difference to your career if you can maintain your appetite to try new things, keep your network active, and regularly review your career goals.

Think about the following questions to check your career health.

It covers seven dimensions that are key to building a successful and personally satisfying career. These are taken from our comprehensive career health check tool – Career Pulse. Rate yourself out of 3 for each question.

1. Know yourself

How confidently can you explain your career interests, motivations and the value you can add?

2. Stretch yourself

How regularly do you step out of your comfort zone to acquire new experiences, skills and knowledge?

3. Adapt to change

How confident are you that your skills will be relevant in the future, and that you can adapt to new situations?

4. Spot the opportunities

How good are you at identifying or creating work opportunities for yourself?

5. Build your network

How firmly do you have in place relationships that provide support, advice and encouragement?

6. Build your brand

How visibly does your (internal and external) reputation demonstrate your abilities, knowledge and experience?

7. Reflect and plan

How regularly do you set aside time to reflect on what you’ve learnt, and plan your career goals?

Taking stock of your career health is an important first step in managing your career. Looking at your results which areas do you need to work on the most? Where are you doing well? Can you build on these strengths?

For more top tips to help your career follow Career Innovation on LinkedIn.

Or, refer us to your HR manager. You can do a full self-assessment if your employer or professional institute uses Career Pulse.


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