An intentional approach to career strategy

In a fast-changing world where higher levels of engagement and productivity are much sought after, but frequently elusive, we know that a compelling career proposition is a vital missing link. We advocate going beyond the data-driven approach of Talent Management and adopting a strategy that while technology-enabled, is essentially people-centred. The message to current and prospective employees is – join us and we’ll help you to grow, thrive and do your best work.

In this roundtable discussion our ‘provocateur’ Sarah Burns, VP Global L&D at Coty, argued that individual actions are insufficient to deliver this new ‘career deal’. Rather, a strategic response is required so that organisations, teams and individuals develop the right ‘mind sets’ and behaviours to be prepared for the future world of work, skills and careers. Participants discussed the reasons why developing a career strategy is relevant to their business priorities.