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Is ‘career’ the missing ingredient in resilience and well-being?


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In this virtual roundtable we’ll address the challenge of helping employees thrive and be productive through continuing unpredictability, remote working and juggled home and work demands. Many organisations are quite rightly addressing well-being, and developing strategies to boost personal resilience. However, feelings of anxiety or disengagement about work and career are often the central issue. Can career resilience be the solution for now, and a driver of a more agile and future focused workforce?

In our Careers of Tomorrow research we’d already highlighted a concern that many people were sleep-walking into a new world of work without preparing for the potential impact of technology on their jobs, skills and careers. The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated these disruptive trends and added new layers of uncertainty about the future as well as putting our personal resilience to the test.

Career resilience is about adapting to changing circumstances, particularly when the changes are significant, at speed, unsettling, or unexpected. The next major disruption may have quite different impacts, but while some changes are unforeseen, others are already anticipated. This is why career resilience is important for everyone, enabling employees and organisations to futureproof themselves. Employees need personal resilience, but they also need to be able to take charge and flex their own career trajectories, building the skills to navigate careers and the capabilities for future adaptability. This applies in organisations that are both thriving or just about surviving.

Our provocateur Tracey Skoyles, an award-winning learning and development specialist, will take a deeper dive into how career resilience is best developed. Her mission is to bring ‘being human’ to the forefront of our digital world, encouraging higher levels of kindness, happiness, fulfilment and productivity.

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