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Building an inclusive career culture through mentoring


Would you like to participate in this virtual roundtable?

In this roundtable we’ll explore how to establish a career support culture through a web of developmental mentoring relationships.

Purposeful career development is increasingly seen as a partnership between the organisation and its employees. A key aspect of this culture is that the employee can call on people to provide different types of career support or coaching.  This helps them to explore and pursue a career direction that aligns their interests with the needs of the business.

Mentors, career coaches and sponsors can all play important roles, but how do you embed this approach so that it makes a successful, sustained contribution to career development in your organisation?

Our provocateur Jo Edwards is a specialist in career development with experience in fast paced environments. She has driven organisation and management development initiatives within leading companies across five different sectors.

We will explore:

  • How you prepare the ground for mentoring
  • The pros and cons of introducing a formal or informal mentoring programme
  • How to overcome individuals’ reluctance to seek mentoring support
  • Beyond mentoring, the role of proactive sponsors in the career progression of under-represented groups

Want to attend?

A limited number of places are available to attend this event.

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