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Using career events to demonstrate the value of your career proposition


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3.30pm GMT/London MS Teams  

We’re all familiar with the idea of The Big Reset. This is particularly relevant in the context of career development, as individuals question and make decisions about their career direction, how they work, and whether they’re currently maximising the value of the skills and experience they’ve accrued.

In particularly competitive industry sectors and geographies, it’s essential that demonstrate how they are ‘great places to work’. One way organisations do this is by inspiring employees to recognise the value of their career proposition. Career events, often targeted around a theme or time, offer just such an opportunity; providing a vehicle to showcase the priority given to career development, and the range and quality of resources available to support self-managed careers.

At this roundtable, we’ll learn how LinkedIn launched an ambitious, month-long series of careers events and experiences. Our provocateur for this roundtable is Chrissy Roth-Francis, who led LinkedIn’s first Career Month and is a Senior Manager on the Talent Development team. She’ll give us an insight into their approach, and share how they are planning to sustain the momentum they have created.

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