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Talent Marketplaces – challenges and opportunities


Would you like to participate in this virtual roundtable?

PART ONE, VIRTUAL ROUNDTABLE: Talent Marketplaces – challenges and opportunities

Tuesday 18th January 2022, 14:30 – 16:00 GMT

Panellists include:

  • Lynette Braganza, Senior Director, CapGemini
  • Gianpaolo Barozzi, Senior Director HR, Cisco
  • Divkiran Kathuria, Digital HR Transformation Leader, Seagate Technology

Technology can help improve internal mobility and create a fairer, more open career environment, but it is often said that software is only a small part of the solution. During this 90-minute roundtable you will hear how our panellists have managed the move to a ‘marketplace’ approach, with a focus on the culture and policies needed to change behaviour.  You will have the chance to share your own situation, reactions and experience with a smaller breakout group, before re-joining all attendees to comment, ask questions and capture takeaway actions.


Wednesday 19th January 2022, 15:30 – 16:30 GMT

The second session is an opportunity to see one of the associated technologies in action. Experience how Career Map Explorer AI can be used to present actual career routes based on data from your own organisation, combined with 475 million career histories across organisations and industries. This tool enables you to dynamically match roles, projects or other development opportunities with skillsets and interests.

We invite you to provide your feedback, and together we will share thoughts on what functionality and supporting holistic services you might need to make this solution a game-changer in the self-management of career development within your organisation.

These small-scale, informative and interactive sessions are for those who have either implemented a talent marketplace and are keen to learn from others, or who are considering doing so and wish to think about how to change culture as well as technology.


In the current economic climate, most organisations are rightly concerned about their ability to recruit and retain the skilled, agile and motivated people they need for future success. Employee feedback that they’re unclear how to build a career in the business, or access opportunities across the organisation heightens this unease. So, what does it take to create an environment where people see and seize opportunities to grow and develop their careers?

Developing home-grown talent can be a better and cheaper way of sourcing the scarce skills you need, yet barriers to internal mobility remain. Technology can help by providing a marketplace to match people and opportunities, and is being widely touted as a solution. But access to information is not the only barrier. Our research and consulting experience suggests that there are cultural and behavioural barriers too. At this roundtable we’ll explore the role and benefits of a tech-enabled talent marketplace in the context of an holistic career strategy.

The Topic

Employees want to understand the types of careers and potential pathways available in their organisation. At the Career Innovation Company we’ve been helping organisations to design a strategic career framework and create online ‘Career Maps’ for many years. Now, using large data sets and machine learning, these maps and paths are brought to life, linked with the client’s existing employee data, and updated in real time. The talent marketplace provides a means to match roles, projects or other development opportunities with employee skillsets and interests.

When introducing a marketplace, most organisations have one or more of these objectives in mind: improving talent deployment; enabling career development; promoting experience-based learning. With the over-arching goal of facilitating internal mobility across the operation, they intend to realise these benefits:

For Employees

  • To see more opportunities to grow
  • To plan for the future, with confidence

For HR and line managers

  • Find and grow people and skills
  • Accelerate mapping of skills and roles
  • Encourage inclusion and diversity

What will we discuss at the roundtable?

During our time together we’ll discuss these and other questions:

  • Why is mobility important in your context?
  • What have been the biggest barriers to a marketplace approach?
  • What have been the best ‘enablers’ (including technology, culture and policies/practices)?
  • Which technology tools are you using?
  • How do you know when they’re working?

The 90 minute roundtable will be in three 30 minute segments. In the first part there will be an expert panel discussion where you’ll hear from HR leaders from Seagate and Capgemini in India who will talk about their experience of moving to a ‘marketplace’ approach. We’ll then move into breakout groups to share our own situations, reactions and experience, before returning to the whole group for a final 30 minutes of comment, question and share key take-aways.

What will we covered at the Career Map Explorer AI demo?

Dynamic Career Modelling

Our talent marketplace VRT describes a technology-enabled way to present the careers you offer, and paints a picture of future options to grow. It offers a new approach which addresses the shortcomings of over-detailed career paths, skills taxonomies and career frameworks, which can be out of date before they’re even published. Large, complex and fast-growing employers need a more dynamic approach – using data.

Career Map Explorer AI is a dynamic data-driven tool that presents actual career routes – based on data from your organisation combined with millions of career histories across organisations and industries. It helps employees to:

  • Identify next steps in their career journey by exploring roles used as stepping-stones by others.
  • Assess how well their skills match careers on offer.
  • Plan their long-term development via intermediate jobs, projects or other experiences.

In this interactive 60 minute session you’ll hear more about Career Map Explorer AI, participate in a demonstration of its functionality and have the opportunity to ask questions about the way clients have  implemented it and the benefits they and their employees have gained.

If you would like to request a place at either, or both, of these events please email ASAP as places are limited.

Have a more immediate need?

If you’d like to discuss talent marketplaces with one of our team, or arrange a demonstration of Career Map Explorer AI before January, please contact

Closed event

This event is not open to the public. We share the outcomes of many of our events so check back later to find out what happened.

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