External Talent Pools

The Ci External Talent Pools (Relationship-based Sourcing) Intelligence Report comprises desk research, interviews with 43 leading organisations and specific case studies on emerging practice.

As companies continue to report difficulty finding people with the required technical and leadership skills, the aim of the report was to examine the fast-growing phenomenon of ‘relationship-based sourcing’ through which companies keep in touch with networks and pools of ‘passive job-seekers’.

More than half the companies we interviewed described their experience of talent pools as “successful” or “extremely successful”. Pools of potential senior leaders are the most prevalent type, with alumni (including retirees) being the fastest growth area. The most successful companies invested in face-to-face events and personalised contact that went beyond simply maintaining a database. They reported that investing in talent pools can:

– enable agile resourcing (responding quickly to variable demand)
– lower the cost-per-hire and time-to-fill
– increase manger satisfaction with quality of hire
– achieve better culture fit (especially when re-hiring alumni)

The full Intelligence Report is available to sponsoring Ci Group Partner companies, or can be purchased in the form of an unlimited corporate licence. A summary can also be freely downloaded using the link on the left.