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Growing big minds

Tomorrow’s challenges will not be met by developing individual leaders using traditional methods. To grow bigger minds that are up to the task, we need to rethink how we learn and how we lead. It’s time to revisit Kolb’s learning cycle which Zull has now validated, relating it directly to brain activity. The 70-20-10 rule […]

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Learning in context

Finland’s schools are moving away from teaching subjects, towards teaching by topic. For example, ‘The European Union’ would include ‘knowledge and skills around history, geography, maths … writing skills, politics and languages’. If this approach accelerates learning, why is so much leadership development still delivered by subject, (e. g. feedback, coaching, delegation) instead of engaging […]

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When women winners lose

Have you noticed how some journalists report on female politicians’ shoes, rather than their policies? And how much more media space is dedicated to sportswomen’s sexuality rather than their sporting prowess? That bias can show up in performance management processes too. Research shows that successful women are in a ‘double bind’ when it comes to […]

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Watch out – wearable technology is here

Hi-tech watches are just the beginning, but what a start! Now you can improve your health by monitoring every step you take, and every moment you sleep. That’s fine if you’re a sports fanatic and it’s voluntary. It’s fine if you are choosing to improve your health. But in the world of management, ethics are […]

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Dread career chats with your team?

Another upgrade to the CiZone software comes out this month, designed to relieve the terror some managers feel when facing career conversations. Working closely with our new US-based partners CSI, we’ve added new ‘scenarios’ and resources for managers. This includes help when your team member is bored, confused, under-performing or over-ambitious. There’s a new video […]

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