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Game-changing learning

Casual game play (with low barrier to entry, and enjoyed in short bursts), motivates and leads to better learning outcomes, as a result of increased alertness and concentration. Casual games come at a much lower cost than serious games (those designed for specific skills building). An in-workplace version of Pokemon Go wouldn’t be low cost, […]

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Space that says “You Matter”

“When your body feels cared for and respected, your thinking improves”, according to Nancy Kline. No more minimalist offices then. Roll on rich, characterful workplaces that lead to better outcomes. Where you sit can also raise your productivity by up to 15%, particularly if you are paired with someone with different strengths or better performance. […]

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Growing up is hard to do

With young people living with their parents for longer, they appear to be more afraid of growing up than their predecessors. Unfortunately, fear of maturity is associated with negative outcomes including poorer psychological wellbeing. That makes their first employment experience all the more important, to support their growth from emerging adults into responsible adulthood and […]

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Abnormal people make better leaders

Transitioning from individual contributor to leader requires an abnormal kind of person. It doesn’t suit everyone, because as Marshall Goldsmith says, “What got you here, won’t get you there”. Each stage of your career requires a different set of skills. Your ability to get stuff done becomes increasingly important, as does your likeability, so that […]

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