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Unlimited holiday?

People who take their holidays are more likely to be successful at work. ‘54 percent of households that set aside time to plan out the use of their paid time off for the year are happier’. There are so many upsides including ‘Foreign experiences increase both cognitive flexibility and depth and integrativeness of thought’ according […]

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Sweat while you network

‘A modest exercise habit can help keep you sharper into old age, give you more energy to take on the day, and improve your mood,’ not to mention increasing your productivity. But have you also heard the new trend for networking? It’s called sweatworking. It involves exercising with a buddy who may be a friend, […]

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the humanity of technology

If current trends continue, a new range of Living Services will revolutionise our lives by joining up the internet of things, creating services that predict consumers’ changing needs. HR can apply the same principles by identifying what personal outcomes employees are looking for, applying joined up thinking between technologies, and using this to create individualised […]

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Role Models

We need more female role models, especially at the top. But there’s a lot of parental guilt about having both parents working. Now new research has found that having a working mum is more likely to lead female children into higher-paid employment. Men raised by a working mum are more likely to share more of […]

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Micro-Learning, Myth or Legend?

Given the stats suggesting an employee has no more than 1% of their time for learning, it’s no surprise that learning designers have jumped on the bandwagon of micro-learning – but does it offer the best learning? The Myth of “Micro-Learning” argues it can be used to reinforce learning, but not to build skills. So […]

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