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Role Models

We need more female role models, especially at the top. But there’s a lot of parental guilt about having both parents working. Now new research has found that having a working mum is more likely to lead female children into higher-paid employment. Men raised by a working mum are more likely to share more of […]

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Micro-Learning, Myth or Legend?

Given the stats suggesting an employee has no more than 1% of their time for learning, it’s no surprise that learning designers have jumped on the bandwagon of micro-learning – but does it offer the best learning? The Myth of “Micro-Learning” argues it can be used to reinforce learning, but not to build skills. So […]

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Human Centred Design Experience

Human Centred Design (HCD) has been used for some time to create exceptional customer experiences. It’s worth it. Now, innovative companies are applying the same principles to their employees’ experience, from the candidate experience through performance management to role transitions. HCD is about “Involving the people who will be affected by the solutions we create […]

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Big Brother – Friend or Foe?

Predictive analytics promises the use of data to forecast individual events or behaviours. By using the data, you can then intervene, triggering habits through the power of suggestion. Are these methods an invasion of privacy, or a useful tool for enhancing customer or employee experience? Humanyze claim their smart badge has demonstrated at Bank of […]

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Mental Health for Men

When depressed, men often report different symptoms than women. This means if you’re creating support for employees, one-size-fits-all organisational support may not work. Striving to meet 20th century ideas of masculinity puts men under pressure, resulting in mental health problems and even suicides. We need to rethink what it means to be a modern man, […]

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