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Fitting in or standing out

Standing out culturally or structurally (but not both) will get you ahead of the pack. Useful data for new joiners. Organisations tend to support external hires when they join; at its best, that includes helping them to figure out how to fit in and how to stand out; but employees moving internally are often left […]

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People management overhaul needed

Only one employee in 10 has the range of skills and talents to manage a team (Gallup), so why do we hire and promote people based on technical prowess? Or worse still on time served? Unfortunately, young bosses supervising older workers foster resentment, which harms performance. So you can see why time served might be […]

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How to ‘evolve’ talent

The idea of the lone genius is challenged in the provocative book The Evolution of Everything. Matt Ridley asserts that great men are created by history; innovation comes gradually, building on others’ thinking; and it happens when the idea is ripe. Serendipity plays a part in the creative process too. So let’s get ‘ordinary’ employees […]

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