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Best and worst workplaces

Without great culture, you won’t realise your strategy. That’s why google provides free food – to encourage networking and idea swapping. They don’t see it so much as a perk, as a necessity for innovation – and part of their strategy. Conversely, we seem to be seeing more toxic cultures where bullying management is tolerated, […]

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L&D out of sync with how people learn

According to McKinsey, the lack of immersive experiential learning may be causing organisational changes to falter. Meanwhile, one study claims that employees’ learning preferences for online and social learning – and for career development – are far ahead of many L&D functions. Learning socially from each other is “at the heart of enabling employees to […]

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Computers don’t kill jobs

Many people fear that the automation of work will decrease the number of roles, but in fact the roles are merely displaced, and now there is a need for more deep specialists. Freelance, part-time and contingent workers also continue to increase in value to the knowledge worker economy. Organisations need to be more agile, and […]

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Managing when people live to 150

Demographics and longer schooling mean too few young people to grow businesses; so organisations need to hire and retain older people to fill the talent gap. This is not a new problem, but few organisations have responded. Certainly, there are challenges, such as unconscious bias. “It’s this automatic assumption (that) in your late 50s you’re […]

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