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Technology replacing the human touch?

It turns out that machines are better than humans at hiring employees. We aren’t far away from replacing managers with algorithms that do the administrative side of their job. What will the “uberisation” of management look like? And how can we keep the best parts of humanity, such as empathy in the workplace when we […]

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The best and worst workplaces

Without a great company culture, the strategy will not materialise. That’s why google provides free food (amongst other things) – to encourage networking and idea swapping. They don’t see it so much as a perk, as a necessity for innovation, which is part of their strategy. At the other end of the spectrum, we seem […]

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Strengths-based Feedback

When managers give feedback, the ratio of positive to negative statements in high performing organisations is 5.6 to 1 (Kim S. Cameron, Positive Leadership). In poor performing, struggling organisations, the ratio was as low as 0.36 to 1. Positive praise has an affirmative impact on our performance due to the dopamine hit it creates. Giving […]

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Job search made more transparent

Individuals searching for a new role trust Glassdoor more than their prospective employer’s website, or career conversations with recruiters. Yet opinions on Glassdoor might be skewed by a few disgruntled employees. So how can a candidate get a rounded picture? They’re starting to use Big Data. CareerLab is a website that compiles data about a […]

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High expectations lead to high potential

Executive coaches believe that their clients are naturally creative and resourceful, not fixed, and often have more talent and power than they believe. This has a positive effect on the brain. We also know that self-fulfilling prophecies affect children’s grades in the classroom. So imagine the impact on performance if we could translate that ethos […]

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