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Closing the gender gap

In the UK by 2018 all companies with over 250 employees will have to disclose pay and bonus payments to men and women, as a means of closing the gender pay gap. Companies like Buffer already have a transparent pay policy, and have seen higher productivity as a result. But pay equality isn’t the half […]

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A successor for the nine-box model?

Big organisations often rate people’s performance and potential on a nine-box model. But it’s flawed: it assumes performance is defined by personal brilliance, rather than recognising the systems and support that enable an individual to thrive (or not). Besides which, new research shows that the most effective leaders clash with their company’s culture, so potential […]

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Best and worst workplaces

Without great culture, you won’t realise your strategy. That’s why google provides free food – to encourage networking and idea swapping. They don’t see it so much as a perk, as a necessity for innovation – and part of their strategy. Conversely, we seem to be seeing more toxic cultures where bullying management is tolerated, […]

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L&D out of sync with how people learn

According to McKinsey, the lack of immersive experiential learning may be causing organisational changes to falter. Meanwhile, one study claims that employees’ learning preferences for online and social learning – and for career development – are far ahead of many L&D functions. Learning socially from each other is “at the heart of enabling employees to […]

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