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Check your career health

In today’s world your career may involve many different roles across a number of organisations. Even if you are the kind of person who prefers to stay put, at some point you are likely to face sudden unexpected change. Therefore it’s essential to be prepared. It will make a big difference to your career if you can maintain your […]

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Work, life and mortality

Sickness at work is never a good thing. But when it’s the CEO, and it’s a serious illness, transparent communication about the person’s needs and the business are called for. Planning for all employees for the various stages of critical illness is just as important, including for unfixable problems (90 secs video). When there is […]

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Influence takes more than logic

Trying to change someone’s mind with facts can backfire, especially when the evidence undermines their sense of identity – what they really believe in. Changing their behaviour can be even more difficult, even when they seem inclined to commit to a new habit (such as paying into a pension) after hearing about the benefits. To […]

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The Great Training Robbery

If you want to change your organisation, it is futile to train individuals without changing the system first. People slip back into old patterns if the system of roles and responsibilities doesn’t support them to change. Individual talent is dependent on the system around them, as shown by Groysberg’s study of Wall Street star-analysts, who […]

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