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At last Microsoft has ditched ‘forced ranking’

In January many employers turn their attention to the annual performance review – perhaps the most hated of all management activities. Fortunately the insanity of the 20th Century ‘appraisal’ continues to be questioned. Most recently Microsoft have ditched their ‘stack ranking’ system, which ensured some people were rated poorly, regardless of their (absolute) performance. The […]

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Experience-Driven Development

A compendium of tools and techniques for leadership development has been published by the Center for Creative Leadership. The book includes ideas on project marketplaces, matching people to (developmental) roles, executive shadowing, micro-feedback, virtual on-boarding and numerous other practical methods. Ci contributed chapters on managers as developers (through conversations) and communities of practice (using virtual […]

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Analysing Social Media with Big Data

Imagine if your employee survey could be replaced with analysis of your internal social media. You would gain real-time, low-cost feedback on which to act. Unfortunately, current big data tools aren’t up to the job, according to UK think-tank Demos. “While a brash, young, ‘social media analytics’ field has grown, it hasn’t moved us much […]

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2014 in China

Amidst all the predictions for the year ahead, here are some focused on China: 10% rise in labour costs will be matched by huge focus on productivity. This will be aided by focusing on ‘digitisation’, so CIOs will be key. So: Robots/automation will replace jobs. A problem. Over 2,000km more high-speed rail will be built. […]

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What Makes A Good 2014 Resolution?

Exercise more. Be nicer. Send fewer emails. Start blogging. Whatever your resolution for 2014, the sad truth is that come next year only 12% of us will be celebrating success. So how can we improve our lives and our organisations? There’s no lack of goodwill. We see the continued rise of social enterprise, including ‘intrapreneurs’ […]

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