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The Momentum Approach

Are you starting 2015 with good intentions and New Year Resolutions? Around the world, fitness and work-life balance top the poll. Others have big career ambitions. Sadly, one study found that after a year, only 12% had achieved their goal. Not encouraging. So here’s a different approach to try. I call it the Momentum Approach: […]

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Gen Y idealism will change the way we manage

Students have always been activists. But today’s young people have a louder voice than ever before. This month it is on the streets of Hong Kong that young demonstrators are calling for democracy. They tweet, blog, and evade the Great Firewall of China using apps like Firechat. Elsewhere in the world, young people step onto […]

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Upgrade to coach software

Organisations that offer the CiZone™ career coaching service to their employees or members will benefit from a substantial upgrade released this month. New tools enable users to create and share a career/development plan. They can also use the site to record their Continuing Professional Development (CPD/CPE) and export reports for their institute. New resources include: […]

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Making the most of ageing workforces

At the other end of the age spectrum, our work on Redefining Retirement seems to be gaining ground. The UK government has been testing the benefits of a mid-career check-up for over 50s. Rosemary McLean contributed to a London event this month. So far, only a few employers seem to have seized the opportunity and […]

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Career Systems International (CSI)

Leading US-based career, engagement and retention consultancy CSI has chosen the CiZone™ platform to use with their clients. From early 2015 they will offer the software with their own added content and tools. “We’re excited about this partnership, the next phase of our content integration and our enhanced capabilities” says CEO Patrick Smith. For Ci, […]

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