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Watch out – wearable technology is here

Hi-tech watches are just the beginning, but what a start! Now you can improve your health by monitoring every step you take, and every moment you sleep. That’s fine if you’re a sports fanatic and it’s voluntary. It’s fine if you are choosing to improve your health. But in the world of management, ethics are […]

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Dread career chats with your team?

Another upgrade to the CiZone software comes out this month, designed to relieve the terror some managers feel when facing career conversations. Working closely with our new US-based partners CSI, we’ve added new ‘scenarios’ and resources for managers. This includes help when your team member is bored, confused, under-performing or over-ambitious. There’s a new video […]

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CEO cuts pay by 90% – would you?

After reading research on salaries and wellbeing, the CEO of US-based Gravity Payments has raised the firm’s minimum wage and slashed his own. Employees react to the announcement. Watch the announcement on YouTube. If you need more data before you tinker with things like pay, here’s help: Predictive analytics are showing how things like pay, […]

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Yes, you’re biased

You have a brain, therefore you display unconscious bias. All of us jump to conclusions – we can’t help it. And even if you’re aware of this, it’s hard to fix what you cannot see. This makes it hard to recruit, manage and promote fairly. There is good news though. Biases can be corrected by […]

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52 minutes of work

Skip your lunch-break and your productivity slows. It’s official. John Trougakos, at the University of Toronto, says that “All efforts to control behavior, to perform and to focus draw on [a] pool of psychological energy. Once that energy source is depleted, we become less effective at everything we do.” In another study, the top 10% […]

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