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Disruptive talent

Is it time you found your rebel yell? I bet you show attitude in the classroom, wanting to cut to the chase. So how about showing attitude elsewhere in work? Disruption is more than talk though; it’s also about good ideas and follow-though. You may feel constrained by the Hippo in the room (highest paid […]

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Looking through the crystal ball

In their report, Sodexo explores 10 topics that are shaping how companies work, including business agility, design thinking, millennial workers, robotics and automation in the workplace and migration. It is our actions today that will determine whether we head towards massive displacement of workers or the emergence of new opportunities in the future, according to […]

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The dark side of transparency

Agile approaches to design lead to greater transparency, including in learning design. But transparency across the board may not be such a great idea as it can stifle creativity; lead to lower levels of trust; and lead to frustratingly longer decision-making cycles. However, businesses with an authentic climate – where employees can be transparent about their […]

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Advances in Learning Transfer

Learning transfer platforms (LTPs) are increasing the amount of behaviour change back in the workplace.  They allow for spaced activities before and after training, at scale. Knowledge can be taught online, leaving valuable time for practice with feedback at live events. Evaluation can be built in as well. Long before this technology, learning transfer has […]

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Distraction in the workplace

When your football team loses, your performance suffers.  This may sound trivial compared to the distractions caused by the political situation around the world.  Some of this is due to increased tension between people with diverse views.  Some is due to the news fatigue on social media that causes worry, that impedes our capacity to […]

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