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Wilfull blindness

The biggest threats and dangers we face are the ones we don’t see, not because they’re secret or invisible, but because we’re wilfully blind. Humans stick with the silent majority. Half of employees are not willing to raise concerns about misconduct. Looking back over recent history, Margaret Heffernan shows us the damage that can be […]

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The scourge of efficiency

Process management is intended for efficiency. But its downside is the absence of humanity: the lack of motivational drive that encourages discretionary effort. You can programme computers, but not people. And if you want innovation, strict adherence to process is not going to yield creativity. How about a little messiness to increase the chance that […]

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Virtual teaming better than f2f

Managing a virtual team may seem daunting, but can lead to a 43% increase in productivity compared to co-located teams, if done right. Periodically meeting in person supports virtual working, but is not the be-all-end-all. As well as getting the touchpoints right, managers should pay attention to getting the right team, the right leadership and […]

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Start a mistakes club

Do you have some bad news to share? Go ahead. It’s better than withholding information, if you want to maintain trust. If leaders only share successes, it can lead to people not wanting to admit to mistakes, or take risks. Neither does humblebragging play out well either in social media or in interviews. Some organisations […]

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