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How to network to improve your career

Rosemary McLean, Director at The Career Innovation Company, on curating important career relationships. When it comes to careers there is no mistaking that other people play a key role; family, teachers, early career decision influencers, managers, peers, and inspirational role models all play a part.   Much can be done to build these important relationships. […]

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An Intentional Career Strategy

Rosemary McLean, Director at the Career Innovation Company, advocates the benefits of having an explicit career development strategy to equip individuals and organisations to have a sustainable future. The world of human resources has never been short of buzz words and prone to what some would say are fads. So, is the interest in careers a […]

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Are you ‘frozen’? Or are you ready for change?

I’m writing this sitting at the chart table of a sailing boat, in the midst of circumnavigating the UK and Ireland ( As a result, I’m seeing different places, talking to different people, and thinking about what it takes for towns and cities to thrive, economically and socially. This morning I was chatting with a […]

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Seize the potential of diverse talent

Want to build a diverse workplace? Most do. Yet achieving it is still problematic. This was the topic of a recent NICEC symposium led by Rosemary McLean, Sharon Peake and Valerie Rowles. Barriers facing women reaching senior roles are both cultural and structural. Interestingly the not-for-profit sector seems to fare better, so lessons might be […]

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Robots hiring and firing

Amazon is automatically warning then firing workers based on their productivity, according to The Verge. If true, this is a good case study on the ethics of using automation and AI in the workplace. You could argue it is inhuman and unjust. Or you could argue it’s the ultimate in fairness. Either way, as HR […]

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