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Sustainable Careers for STEM returners

STEM Returners are working in partnership with The Career Innovation Company to develop returnships into sustainable careers with the Be Bold in your Career online career development programme. While returnship programmes offer a welcome step back on the ladder, some fear the returnship will be a short term trial. Returners can be uncertain how to […]

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The STEM career gender-equality paradox

You might imagine that more women would enter STEM careers in fairer societies, but research shows the opposite. While boys and girls are broadly similar in their scientific ability, girls in more gender equal societies take self-actualising career choices rather than the pragmatic choices of their peers in less fair countries. There is still work […]

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Secondary education vital to girls globally

Failing to let girls finish their education could cost the world $30 trillion in lost earnings and productivity annually. The World Bank found 132m girls worldwide do not attend school. This is not just a third world problem. In the UK, period poverty prevents girls from attending school every month. This compromises the pipeline of […]

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The isolation of gig workers

Working from home is appealing to many, but the isolation can be tough for some. Gig workers can benefit from a thoughtful approach to their engagement, just as much as contracted employees. Inviting them into an open plan office might not be the answer though, due to distractions, and more counter-intuitively the lack of cooperation, […]

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Business Blockchain at scale is three to five years away

In the short-term, blockchain’s strategic business value is mainly in cost reduction in record keeping and transactions. HR is starting on this journey too. The easiest place to start is single-use applications, which minimize risk because they aren’t new and involve little coordination with third parties. Financial services companies are finding that the private blockchain […]

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