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2020 is crunch time for business and for all of us

One of my business heroes is Paul Polman. As CEO of Unilever for ten years, he scrapped short-term reporting and set out on a remarkable mission to achieve business growth without increasing the company’s environmental footprint. Recently I had the chance to hear him in person at the business school here in Oxford. Forthright and […]

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Learning tech gets personal

If you want to create an inspiring workplace, ‘growth’ should top your agenda. Talented people want learning and career development, in a firm that’s learning and growing too. New technologies can help. Learning Experience Platforms make it easier to find knowledge. Companies like Gloat match people with jobs, projects and mentors too. Internal marketplaces are […]

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Does Good Work make you healthy?

It turns out this is a dangerous question to ask. It touches a nerve on welfare policy and health policy (e.g. social prescribing), and in the US on Medicaid. I can understand the critics of poor logic. There’s plenty of evidence linking unemployment, bad health and a miserable life. But it’s the poverty and social […]

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Can mid-life career support unlock your largest untapped talent pool?

Laura Walker, mid-life specialist, challenges organisations to recognise and support their largest untapped pool of talent. Stories of mid-lifers retiring early or coasting into retirement from 45 are long gone. Most us will have 15, 20, or 25 years of working left. Globally, populations are aging faster than ever and people are working longer – […]

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